Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings. (Prefabricated Houses,Prefabricated Homes,Prefab Homes, Prefab Houses etc) are designed with PVC or aluminum alloy made window, sandwitch panel equipped door and wall insulated with finest grade rock wool or EPS.

The entire structure of these prefabricated buildings have been developed by using square shaped steel tubes. With having in-depth knowledge about specific requirements of customers, we have emerged as an established manufacturer and exporter of excellent quality Prefabricated Buildings (Prefabricated Houses,Prefabricated Homes,Prefab Homes, Prefab Houses etc). The anti seismic nature, acoustic insulation properties, long functional life, good ventilation system and precise design are some special attributes of these houses.


  • Prfabricated houses are insulated with EPS or rock wool
  • Prefabricated homes can be available in customized design
  • Prefabricated buildings can endure different weather conditions
  • Low maintenance cost

Advantages of Prefabricated Houses

  • Atmosphere friendly prefab buildings with less energy prices are intended and produced by winning all sorts of climate circumstances in deliberation.
  • These prefab houses are flexible and light weighted, and hence anti-earthquake. Our inert calculations are manufactured in compliance with 1st degree earthquake zone.
  • The production and meeting occasion of prefab homes are very small in comparison to unbreakable actual houses by means of complicated production technology and lines we utilize. This means low labor cost.
  • There is low material utilization at the time of production and assemblage of prefabricated houses.
  • These can be remounted and dismounted several times.
  • Comprising an unconventional to a toughened real construction system, our systems are long-lasting.
  • Low-price prefabricated buildings or supreme excellence villas are intended and fashioned by taking necessities of every buyer group in deliberation without any cooperation from quality.