Types of Roofing & Cladding

Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam roofing is the latest roofing technology introduced by us. It is the screw less or hole free system where clips, which are screwed to the purlin, do the holding down. These clips are then seamed along with the roofing sheet. As the roofing machine goes to the site there is no limit to the length of sheet that can be made. Click here to know more.

standing seam metal roof

Durakolor Roof Sheet

Durakolor Roof is our standard product for roofing and cladding it is the most popular profile worldwide. It has been uniquely designed to withstand adverse atmospheric conditions and allow bigger purlin spacing. It can be supplied in lengths upto 12 mtr to minimize the number of overlaps. Click Here to know more.

Durakolor Tile Sheet

Durakolor tile is aesthetically the number one choice of our customer; it resembles the shape of clay tiles used in residential structure. It is preferred by individual house builders and architects to give their houses a more rustic and homely look. Click here to know more.

Droit Aluminium Roofing

Droit Aluminium Roofing sheets are made from aluminium of the highest tensile strength available in the industry. It is used mostly in industry with high level of pollution or those whose products or byproducts are corrosive in nature. Though they are expensive in comparison to galvalume sheet, but its lifecycle cost makes it economical over time. Click here to know more.