LGSF-Light Gauge Steel Framing

LGSF- Light Gauge Steel Framing – is the latest technology introduced by Droit Steel Buildings in Indian Market. In this modern system we use cold-formed high strength galvanized steel materials, which are fixed with nuts and bolts to make frames. These frames act as girders trusses and partitions but are much lighter in weight than other type of steel structure and RCC buildings. Thus it easy to install and carry to even remote sites.

LGSF is a very robust system, which can be designed to suit even high seismic zones and coastal area. As LGSF is very light in weight and use smaller components it is very easy to carry and assemble. LGSF is compatible with almost all types of roofing and cladding products. The best part of this system is that we can do council wiring and plumbing and it gives the look and feel of a RCC building.


Light Weight & Strong | Non Toxic & Non Organic | Fire Resistant | Earth | Quake Resistant | Durable | Quick & Easy Installation | Easy to transport | Aesthetically pleasing | Reduced Construction Time & Cost