Types of Insulation

Single Skin Insulation

In Single Skin insulation system a layer of insulation is provided under the roofing and cladding sheets and above the purlin or girt. It is the most economical type of insulation, which can be done on site. In this system various type of insulation (listed below) may be used. These insulation materials may or may not require wire mesh for support depending upon the weight of the insulation material. The insulation material remains visible and accessible from inside the shed.

single skin

Double Skin

In Double Skin insulation system a layer of insulation is provided between two roofing sheets separated by Z Sub Girt Spacers, which are then together fixed to the original purlin and girt. In this system the insulation material remains protected in between the two metal sheets. It has a clean aesthetic appearance as the bottom cladding sheet covers the insulation material. Thus the insulation material remains protected and free from sags.

double skin

PUF Panel

PUF Panels are factory made Insulated roofing cladding panels. It is the easiest insulation system to install with minimum expertise needed. In this system rigid PUF is used as the insulation material in between two metal sheets. The PUF itself sticks to the two covering metal sheets during the manufacturing process. Its rigid structure provides stability to the entire panel. It is aesthetically pleasing as it provides a clean finish after installation.

puff panel

Customer has the option to choose from various types of insulation based on their need of
sound and heat insulation. Namely

Rock wool
Glass wool
Bubble Wrap
Cross Linked Polyethelene
PUF or Polyurethane Foam etc