Industrial Louvers

Industrial Louvers are the preferred choice for industries with high heat generation. The louvers facilitate huge intake of cooler atmospheric air from it surrounding. Our louvers are sturdily built to withstand heavy winds and storm. Clients can choose to get them built continuously or in particular sections of the shed as required.

We clad our industrial louvers with matching wall cladding sheet to make it look good and in sync with the shed. We cover the opening with wire net to stop the birds from entering the shed. 


Opening Size (ft)

4-6 Ft

Air Change                                 


Material Used                           

Mild Steel


Continuous / Staggered

Cladding Material                     

Colour Coated Galvalume Sheet

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Application Area

  • Automobile Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Boiler House
  • Power Plant
  • Steel Industry & more


  • Fit & Forget
  • Maintenance Free
  • Zero operating Cost
  • Assured 24 x7 ventilation
  • Easy Installation
  • Whisper Quite Operation
  • Creates a healthier environment
  • Increases productivity