Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam roofing is the latest roofing technology introduced by Droit Steel Buildings. It is the screw less or hole free system, where specially designed clips are screwed to the purlin, which seamed together with the adjoining roofing panel using their male and female ends. In this system the roofing sheets are not pierced hence customer gets from us a leak proof roof

This interlocking seam of our profile on the side laps increases the life of the roof sheet as there is no external protrusion in the original factory finish of the coated roofing sheet. As the movable roofing machine goes to the site, there is no limit to the length of sheet that can be made. Customers can get a single sheet from his Ridge to Gutter. 

The seaming technology is the most used roofing technology across the world. Even low sloped structures can be covered with this profile without any risk of water seepages. It can withstand adverse weather conditions and heavy to torrential rainfall. It can also be used with double skin insulation system.

With our expert team of trained roofing contractors, and site engineers, clients can experience best quality roofing.

Profile Details

It has got a high crest of 70 mm and an effective covered width of 475 mm. It has been provided with three stiffening ribs in its valley, which further enhances the strength of the sheet. The seaming is done by a powered automatic seaming machine. We have the option to do 180 or a 360 degree seaming.


  • Leak Proof –In this Roofing System we provide a Leak Proof Assurance
  • Large Spanning – As the Roof are formed on site we can provide single length sheet to cover the full roof
  • Low Slope – No Problem –The 70 mm high crest and concealed screw fix system ensures that even low slope roof remains leak proof
  • High Strength – Our roof panels are provided with 3 stiffening ribs and 70 mm high crest which provide high strength


  • Onsite Profiling – Our machines are mobile and the roll forming is done on site to provide a single panel from roof to gutter or eave
  • No Maintenance Cost – As it is leak proof it requires no practical maintenance except for cleaning in case of very dusty environment
  • Aesthetically – It large spans and screw less looks makes it look beautiful.
standing seam diagram
standing seam metal roof