Type of PEB Frames

CLEAR SPAN (CS) – This type of frame is the most preferred and widely used worldwide. It offer clear access to loading and stacking function within the shed. As the pillars or columns are coming at both ends, it gives a very spacious and airy look to the entire shed. We can design these sheds for a width of upto 150 meters. However the water discharge from these types of frames is on both sides of the shed as this is a TWO SLOPE frame.

MULTI SPAN (MS) – This type of frame is most suitable for clients who want a wide shed but do not necessarily want it to be clear span because it gives us the economy of Two Sloped Structure and the columns in between distributes the load and thus reduces the weight of the structure. It is the most economical form of frame for large span buildings. The water discharge is however done from the two side of the slope.

SINGLE SLOPE (SS) – This type of frames are the preferred choice when clients wants or has restriction to drain water of both sides of the shed. It is also chosen by clients in case their existing sheds require an expansion in width but is not designed to support the load of a lean to shed. In case these sheds are very wide then is becomes economical to make the same in Multispan

MULTI GABLE (MG) – This type of frame is the used in case of wide shed but are more economical than the Multi Span frame type. It is lighter because the trusses are smaller hence economical but it comes with a rider that it may has a water discharge in the center of the shed which would require an internal drainage line, which is not preferred in most of the industries where water ingress during unplanned excess rains lead to losses.

LEAN TO (LT) – This type of frame is the most preferred type, for sheds requiring an expansion along the width. It requires the original shed to be designed such that it is able to take the load of the expanded shed along with the new shed. Lean to sheds are designed to match the roof slope of the existing shed such that the water is discharged out of the shed.