Components Of PEB

The pre-engineered metal building system is advantageous because it very economically allows for the creation of large column-free enclosures. The alternative structural framing choices, such as mill steel and light gauge metal, use more steel and are therefore considerably more expensive to build. The best applications for the pre-engineered metal building system include industrial applications such as complex industrial facilities, warehouses and distribution centers. The system is also used in retail stores, shopping centers, motels, auto dealerships, office complexes, airplane hangars, sports and entertainment arenas as well as schools, libraries, churches, medical facilities and government buildings.

There are basically nine major components in a pre-engineered building such as   :


* Main framing or vertical columns

* End wall framing

* Purlins, girts and eave struts

* Sheeting and insulation or prefab panels

* Crane system


* Mezzanine system

* Bracing system

* Paints and finishes

* Miscellaneous services