Industrial Shed

Droit Steel Buildings offers functional Industrial Sheds designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Utilizing the advanced technology of pre-engineered buildings (PEB), we customize the design, manufacturing, and construction of these sheds according to the unique requirements of each industry.

Our reputation as the preferred choice among customers has been established over the years. We have successfully completed projects involving EOT cranes with a capacity of up to 40 MT and load-bearing G+4 multi-storied sheds capable of handling loads up to 3 MT per square meter.

As an Industrial Shed manufacturer, we recognize that different buildings have varying load-bearing requirements. These loads can arise from handling equipment such as EOT cranes, machine loads, machine vibrations, material storage, and other live and dead loads. To accommodate this, we employ different types of paint coatings suitable for a wide range of industries.

Additionally, we offer various insulation and ventilation options for our Industrial Sheds. Considering the human habitation aspect of these sheds, it is crucial to select the appropriate ventilation, thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation to ensure the comfort and productivity of workers.

At Droit Steel Buildings, we strive to enhance the work efficiency of laborers operating within these sheds by providing tailored solutions that cater to their specific needs.

We have executed projects as far as Arunachal & Tripura (Agartala) and Telengana (Hyderabad) , we also have projects in Assam (Guwahati), Bihar, Jharkhand (Jamshedpur), Odisha (Bhubaneshwar), West Bengal (Kolkata, Durgapur, Siliguri, etc) We have also done projects in Sikkim and Bhutan (Thimphu). Please visit our Projects Gallery to know more