Types of Flooring

Deck Sheet Flooring (with RCC)

Deck Sheets are the preferred choice of flooring not only in steel buildings but also RCC buildings. It is a permanent shuttering over which RCC floor can be cast with less reinforcement steel and mortar. The best part is that with RCC on the top, gives the client the option to finish it with any type of flooring material viz marble, tiles, cotta stone, tiles, epoxy, wood etc. To Know more click here (link directed to deck sheet page)

Chequered Plate Flooring

Chequered plate is the lightest form of flooring used in Steel structures. It is preferred in places where RCC floor construction is not possible or economical. It is recyclable and can be sold after it has served its function. It has a few drawback when compared to RCC flooring- a) makes noise b) vibrates c) Requires maintenance of surface coating which wears out overtime with usage