Turbovents are dome shaped wind driven ventilators, which provides the desired exhaust to the hot humid air trapped inside the shed. It rotates by the push of the natural draft of wind and takes out the heat inside the shed. The main advantage of this system is that it can be installed or increased in number even after the construction of shed is complete.

It does not require any source of power and works only by the push of wind and airflow. It comes with a double bearing technology, which makes its movement even smoother. The blades of the Turbovents are made from high-grade aluminium sheet, which makes it light in weight yet strong.


Throat Dia. (mm)

24 / 21 inches

Ventilation (in CFM)   

900 – 1200

Material Used                           

Aluminium / Stainless Steel SS 304

Base Plate Material

Polycarbonate / FRP

Base Plate Length (mm)              

1830 mm

Base Plate Profile suitable       

for AC Sheet, GC Sheet, Colour Coated Sheet  


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Application Area

  • Steel & Civil Buildings
  • Used For Industrial
  • Warehousing or Residential Purpose


  • Fit & Forget
  • Maintenance Free
  • Zero operating Cost
  • Dual benefit of Natural light & Ventilation
  • Assured 24 x7 ventilation
  • Easy Installation
  • Noise Free Operation
  • Creates a healthier environment
  • Increases productivity